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Why website performances?

High performances = High rankings.

The technique and the natural referencing (SEO) of a site are intimately linked. Slow performance, imperfect redirects, broken links, uncontrolled URL architecture, all these criteria and many others can affect the view that a search engine like Google may have of your website and impact its SEO.

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Why is performance optimisation so important for you?

According to a study by Radware, improving the loading time of a site by 2 seconds doubles the number of sales! And according to a survey, 51% of online shoppers say they simply abandon their purchase if a site is too slow. SEO-wise, It is always recommended to start planning an SEO strategy on a safe and clean environment to get accurate numbers without having to suffer the bad influence of speed penalties from Google.

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What we offer.

At SEO Republic, we have different offers depending on your needs and your technologies. All of them include:
  • Decreasing the loading time of your website.
  • Image, code, and server optimisation.
  • Before/after reports that let you see the changes and compare the results.
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More Services

Website performance optimisation.

Speed & efficiency are two very important criteria to start a clean and optimized SEO strategy. We speed up your website and optimize it for the latest Google requirements.

UX Design optimisation.

User Experience design is part of a SEO optimisation campaign. Making your client's process smoother will increase your conversion rate. Google knows it and loves retention!

Search Engine Advertisement (SEA).

Setting up a Google, Facebook-Instagram or Youtube ad can be complicated. That's why we help you in creating and optimizing the best campaign possible.

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